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The Lord’s Day:

The church meets each and every Sunday. Bible classes for all ages are provided in the morning at 9:30. After announcements at 10:30 we begin our worship to God. Our worship includes singing, praying, preaching, communion, and giving as we have been prospered. We meet again Sunday evening at 6:30 for worship to God. Prior to our evening worship, the preacher presents Bible questions to the class in the auditorium.


Wednesday Evening Bible Class:

We have our midweek Bible class as a congregation on Wednesday night at 7:00. During the hour, we pray, sing, and study the Word of God. After Bible class, invitation is extended for those who may wish to obey the gospel or who need the prayers of the church. A brief listing of announcements is presented before dismissal.




Song Practice:

Every other last Wednesday of each month, we meet to practice congregational singing instead of our regularly scheduled Bible class.


Young People’s Night:

Every other last Wednesday of each month, the youth conduct the worship service for the congregation.


Nursing Home Visit:

Every first Saturday of each month members who are able meet to conduct devotionals for Fox and Fox Crest Nursing Homes. Each service includes singing, praying, Scripture reading and a short lesson. The first of the two devotionals begin at 2:30 p.m.


Covered Dish Dinners:

Prepared dishes are brought to the Fellowship Hall for a meal together. Visitors are our welcomed guests.



Devotionals of songs and Bible studies are enjoyed by attendants at the Fellowship Hall. Other devotionals and activities are held in member’s houses.

Ladies' Workday:

The women assemble and make baskets for the shut-ins and needy. They then deliver food baskets to the homes. They meet one Saturday a month at the Fellowship Hall.




Teen Day:

Teenagers are invited to attend the day long series of devotionals presented by guest speakers. Food is provided. Teen Day is scheduled each year on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. in the church building at St. Claire Avenue in East Liverpool, OH.


Senior Christian Day:

Seniors assemble on this day for fellowship with other Christians. Guest speakers are invited each year to deliver the lessons. Senior Christian Day takes place each year in April on Saturday. Lunch is provided.


Summer Bible Camp:

In the month of July, youth from the Ohio Valley meet for a week of Bible Camp at the park. Campers sign up in advance and make plans to stay all week. Bible classes are attended each morning and afternoon which are taught by assigned speakers. Two classes run simultaneously for two general age groups. Each evening, Monday through Friday, the campers attend a worship service. Activities, which are directed by camp counselors, include games, skits, swimming, kangaroo court, and a host of others things. Cabins are provided for campers and food for the week. Gerald Clutter is the camp director.


Vacation Bible School:

In the month of June, the church at Chester hosts VBS for all ages. A guest speaker presents the lesson for the adults in the auditorium. On Friday night, youth participate in various games and activities. Food is provided at the Fellowship Hall.


New Year’s Eve Gathering:

At the end of the year members gathers at the Fellowship Hall for Christian fellowship, games, food, prayer, and singing.


Friday Night Sing:

All are invited to join in this annual song service and be host to other congregations in the Ohio Valley. Sings are hosted in Chester each June.


Graduation Banquet:

In appreciation of our youth, the congregation meets each year at the Fellowship Hall in honor of the graduates. A guest speaker presents a devotional for the meeting on the last Saturday of May. Along with the lesson, singing and prayers are conducted. Gifts may be presented to the graduates. Food is provided.


Elders to Speak:

Annually, the elders give a report to the congregation on the work in the previous year, the present year, and beyond. Report is usually given the last Sunday evening of January.


Ladies’ Inspiration Day:

Ladies meet annually at the church building at Chester to conduct worship unto God. This is an edifying experience for women of all ages. Ladies’ Day is scheduled in October (This program is hosted every other year).




Gospel Meetings:

Gospel Meetings are hosted by the congregation at Chester in the Spring and Fall seasons. For each meeting, a guest speaker delivers messages from the Bible. Invite your friends and neighbors. All visitors are welcome!



Not only do members meeting at Chester receive bulletins each Sunday, but many bulletins are sent out in the mail each week to individual homes. In addition, the church bulletin may be download on our website by anyone with Internet service.



While efforts of evangelism are scheduled throughout the year, some individuals may not be reached by such methods. One of the solutions to this obstacle was the development of a website for the Virginia Avenue Church of Christ (


House to House – Heart to Heart:

The church has recently begun support of the program House to House-Heart to Heart. By using direct mail, this publication will be delivered by mail to every residential address in Chester. Articles will be submitted by evangelist Frank Higginbotham and associate minister Jeremy Main to be included with the Bible publication. (


Meeting Advertisements:

Prior to each meeting, announcements are addressed and mailed to about 90 area congregations. The purpose of such a mailing is for each congregation to in turn spread the invitation for attendance of our meeting.



In our foyer, we have available various religious tracts for those who wish. These include tracts by Apologetics Press, Batsell Barrett Baxter, Delton Haun, and House to House - Heart to Heart.

Bible Correspondence Course (By John M. Hurt) :

This course, consisting of eight lessons, is available free to you upon request. After completing the lesson, simply mail the question sheet back to us for grading.


In Search of the Lord’s Way:

The "Search” program has been broadcasting since 1981. We support this long running gospel program by gospel preacher, Mack Lyon.


WTRF TV Channel 7 Sunday 7:30 a.m.

P.O. Box 371, Edmond, OK 73083





Care & Share Bears:

The ladies, each Tuesday, meet at the church building at Chester to construct bears for the sick and needy children. This work has already demonstrated great success.

This particular work has been featured in The Review.



Each week needed items are listed in the church bulletin. Members which wish to do so donate to the pantry those needed items. Items from the pantry are then distributed to those in need.


Potters Children's Home and Family Ministries:

Potter provides several services to children and families in need. All referrals are private and no fees are charged for services. The Virginia Avenue congregation supports this work.

2350 Nashville Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101-4098

Office: 270.843.3038

Toll Free: 888.632-6124 



Sick & Shut-in:

Each week those who are sick or shut-in are listed in the bulletin.


Prayer Requests:

Often, prayer requests are listed in the bulletin so that they may be added to our own thoughts and prayers.

Church Email List :

Members with Internet service may receive church news via email. This provides fast updates for members other than scheduled announcements on Wednesdays and Sundays.



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